HAL for Athletic Performance

Whether they call home the field, court, pool, or arena, top athletes across the globe trust Cyberdyne technology to improve the performance of their nerve network and muscular systems.

Advanced Athletes

How Does HAL Technology Work?

HAL Lumbar Support* helps top athletes learn how to relax their muscles through neurosensing technology. Being able to balance muscle contraction and relaxation is what separates the world’s top athletes from semi-professional athletes.

*Not FDA approved.

Improvements You Can Feel

Athletes are continuously pushing themselves to raise the bar. This relentless pursuit of greatness does not come naturally and oftentimes, top athletes trust outside tools and technologies to continuously improve.

Cyberdyne’s Neuro HAL Plus, currently available only in Japan, is a program designed specifically for athletes in order to improve the performance of the muscular system, as well as adjust the optimal timing and balance of the muscle contraction and relaxation.

Cyberdyne’s HAL suits are the first exoskeletons of their kind to receive a Global Safety Certificate. In addition, they are Europe’s first medical treatment robot of its kind. At Cyberdyne, we’re proud to say that we’re helping athletes advance their agency, confidence, and performance.


Improve Muscle Relaxation With Cyberdyne

Learn how HAL can get you off the bench and back on the field.