【Media】 Italy’s leading expert in Cybernics Treatment delivers inspiring speech at TED x Talks “One step and another”

“I fell in love with HAL. I fell in love because it was the answer to the question I always have: how can I help my patients? (trial translation by Cyberdyne of Mr. Chiampo’s presentation)

At TED x Mantova in Mantova, Lombardy, Italy, under the title “Un passo dopo l’altro, di nuovo in cammino” (one step and another), Mr. Francesco Chiampo who is Italy’s leading expert of HAL conducted a presentation to introduce HAL and the results of Cybernics Treatment.
At the end of Mr. Chiampo’s presentation (from 11:30), a young man (Christopher) who has lost the ability to walk due to a spinal cord injury Came on stage. As a result of Cybernic Treatment with HAL, he walked across the hall with a cane, and the impressed audience gave him a standing ovation.

Since the presentation is in the Italian language, for those who do not speak Italian, please use the auto-translate feature of YouTube to translate to your preferred language.

Un passo dopo l’altro, di nuovo in cammino
(English translation: “One step and another”)