【News】U.S. Science Magazine “BioPhotonics” features Acoustic X in the cover story


CYBERDYNE’s LED-based photoacoustic imaging system “Acoustic X” was featured as a cover story in the July/August issue of “BioPhotonics,” a US-based science magazine. BioPhotonics is the only stand-alone manazine in the industry that focuses on biophotonics, a complex field of biology and photonics. The use of Acoustic X in the cover story demonstrates the high level of worldwide interest in this product.

Photoacoustic imaging is attracting attention as a next-generation medical imaging technology because it can non-invasively project fine peripheral blood vessels and blood conditions in three dimensions without the use of contrast agents.

The “Acoustic X” has succeeded in achieving the same performance as a high-power laser with a safe LED light source using our proprietary patented technology and has achieved safety, significant miniaturization, 3D imaging without contrast agents, use without goggles (mandatory for technology that uses laser source), easy use in the examination room, and low cost.

Douglas Farmer, a senior editor of the magazine, noted that “Historically, the heavy, bulky laser systems used in photoacoustic imaging have hindered the technique’s usability in low-resource or cramped settings.” and noted the technological breakthroughs made possible by our LED light source approach.

The cover story describes the advantages of the LED light source method in clinical applications, its development in non-invasive cancer imaging (real-time imaging of blood oxygen saturation at the microvascular level to assess hypoxia, an important early sign of malignant cancer), and its potential use at the point-of-care (rapid diagnosis at the bedside using portable equipment).
“Acoustic X” has been used in prominent universities and research facilities around the world, including the University of Cambridge (U.K.), Stanford University (U.S.), and Johns Hopkins University (U.S.), and is leading the research and development of photoacoustic imaging worldwide. Pioneering efforts are underway to expand into a variety of other fields, including periodic testing and diagnosis of diabetic foot lesions, testing of blood vessel regeneration status through regenerative medicine, testing and diagnosis of cancer, and testing of skin as it ages.

Title of the cover story:
Photoacoustic Imaging Uses LED Light to Guide Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
 Author:Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh / Naoto Sato(Both authors are members of CYBERDYNE Research and Development)
Link to the BioPhotonics July/August Issue
*The cover story is on page 39 to 45.

Acoustic X Product page: 

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