【Event】Assolombarda from Milan Italy visits


In Milan, the Assolombarda Silver Economy Network, a Milan-based business association, paid a courtesy visit to Tsukuba to exchange views in the longevity and aging field. CEO Sankai gave a presentation on the company’s Cybernics initiatives.

Based on his presentation, Sankai has been invited to speak at the annual “Agevity” event in Milan in September 2024.

Assolombarda is the main organization of the Italian Confindustria, an association of about 6,750 companies in Lombardy, the economic center of Italy (the provinces of Lodi, Monza, Brianza, and Pavia, centered on Milan, and the region with the highest GDP in Italy). The main organizational body of the Confindustria.

The Silver Economy Network is a national network (more than 100 participating organizations) dedicated to developing innovative projects, services, and products in the context of the Silver Economy and longevity.