【Media】JETRO News reported CEO Sankai’s presentation at Dubai World Expo


At the Dubai World Expo, CEO Sankai presented as part of a healthcare event in the Malaysia pavilion. Details of the event were made into an article by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

JETRO Business Report (Published January 20, 2022)
CYBERDYNE made a presentation at a healthcare event in Dubai World Expo Malaysia Pavilion
https://www.jetro.go.jp/biznews/2022/01/db86a5354ae54c9b.html (available in Japanese only)

The event was held as part of Health & Wellness Week from January 27 to February 2nd. The event was held in Malaysia Pavilion as a joint presentation with CYBERDYNE’s partner Malaysia Social Security Organization (SOCSO).
CEO Sankai presented cutting-edge Cybernics and how the company is developing its business outside Japan. Live demonstrations were also conducted towards many visitors that attended the event.

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