【Media】Australia 7NEWS reported a story about Robofit in NSW


7 News, a popular news program in Australia, ran a story on RoboFit, a Cybernics Treatment facility near Sydney. RoboFit provides Cybernics Treatment using Medical HAL Lower Limb Type, Single Joint Type, and HAL Lumbar Type.

Link to the video:
‘Robot rehabilitation centre’ offers devices to help people move again(January 3, 2022)


RoboFit also told the news that they are planning an expansion closer to Sydney’s central areas and other states such as Queensland and Victoria.

*7NEWS is a news program of Seven Networks, and the program is known to have a very high audience rating

【News】Opening of RoboFit as the first Cybernics Treatment Center in Australia (April 30,2021)

【News】Medical HAL Single Joint Type receives medical device approval from Australian regulator (September 2, 2021)

【News】HAL Lower Limb Type obtained medical device approval for Australia